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Are you tired of the same old monotonous bedroom routine? Bored of our competitor's lackluster selection and cheap quality products? Fed-up with overpriced inventory & subpar customer service?


Your pleasure is our priority! Here at Peaches Pleasures, we strive for the ultimate customer experience. Based out of Denver, CO we're no strangers to chasing the next climb or climax. We ship everywhere but love the Denver community and how open they are. We love our customers in Denver, but we want to help people everywhere in the U.S. We’re happy to ship everywhere and serve our customers in the utmost regard including discrete shipping of adult toy products. We are here for your pleasure and needs.

Naughty Toys for Adults: Spice It UP!

There are many naughty toys for adults nowadays that people can use to spice up their sex life or bedroom life, whatever you’d like to call it.  All our products ship discreetly and with free shipping on orders over $75 so that you don't have to worry about anyone finding out what's inside your package when it arrives at your doorstep and so you don't spend an arm and a leg to get yourself to where you want to be sexually! We care about people and like to beat out our competitors on these fronts as well as with the quality of product we sell as well against what the competition has. We pride ourselves on quality adult toy products.

We know that any relationship can go through moments of questioning or moments of, ‘is that it?’. That's where Peach's Pleasures come in. Let us help you get back in the mood and set the stage for a whole new game in your relationship. We want to make sure that we are there for more than just heterosexual couples though as well. We respect all. We have no problem at all with anyone’s sexuality so we know you’ll feel at home in our adult online toy store. Nipple grips, dildos, and vibrators are just a few of the items we carry to help you find pleasure in your bedroom. We also offer gay sex toy options to ensure we serve all different types of people who may want something different than what heterosexual couples might need. We want to make sure that we include everyone. We are quite an inclusive company and pride ourselves on being able to be there for everyone. We hope you check out our online store and find something that you’re not embarrassed to get, but rather get because you want to heighten pleasure in the bedroom or explore more sexual options for yourself. As said above, we are inclusive and we’re in this for our customers.

Gay Sex Toys and More!

Other things we carry just to be open and honest with our customers are things like: BDSM toys (nipple clamp, nipple grips, bondage gear, rabbit vibrators, cock ring), products for bachelorette parties, genital hygiene supplies, condoms, and more. However, what we'd like to focus on right now is sex toys for gay couples. As we all know, there are many forms of relationships that are in the world today and all are welcomed here at Peaches Pleasures. We know that the Denver, Co area likes to get a bit kinkier than other areas and love it here! This includes but is not limited to penis enhancement, balls, and beads, anal toys as well as a lot more! You can check them out here if you're interested.

In the past, it was harder for gay couples or anyone for that matter who did not ‘fit the normal hetero normal standard’ to be able to enjoy the same variety of naughty toys for adults due to state laws and regulations which we know are still battled today but we have sided with the people. Now that we have seen quite a change, we want to be included in that change and help our customers along whatever path they desire as long as it’s based on trust. We don't only cater to gay couples for naughty toys though, we also have sex toys for trans couples, lesbian couples, heterosexual adult toys, and other adult party products as well.

We understand that many people need to keep their adult toy purchases private. That is why we offer discreet shipping and billing. Adult toys can be a great way to reheat your relationship, but you want to make sure that they are not in the wrong hands if they were ever misplaced or stolen so keep them away from children in a safe place. We understand trust and freedom when it comes to our customers' needs, which is why we offer amazing prices for quality adult toys/products as well as discrete shipping!


Sex Toys For Adults: We’re Here For Your Pleasure!

Do you have a partner who is looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Adult stores are one of the best places to find all sorts of adult toys. Adult toy stores are popping up everywhere these days because people are tired of being judged for their sexual preferences or what they do in private with their partners. Our adult toy shop offers everything to get you ready to either surprise your partner with something new or simply spice things up if you have found things to be dull. We are really here for the people and our customers. That’s why we got involved in this business, we’re for the people and to make sure everyone is being served in one way or another. Welcome to Peaches Pleasures.