Lesbian Pleasure: Your Sex Guide of Toys for Her & Her


Lesbian Toys: What They Are, How They Work, & What You’re Missing Out On!

If you’re one of the lucky ladies who’s already gone out, got a Lovense gift card, and splurged on a playroom full of toys, then you’re probably enjoying your sex life to the fullest. However, this isn’t the case for many lesbian women: if you fall into this second category, then today could be the day you take your sex life to the next level (or at least find out how to do so!). There are many different toys for lesbians, and nearly all of them work both for solo play as well as for partner play. Of course, the plethora of lesbian toys available in the market today can make it pretty challenging for a newcomer to know which one is right for her. Today, the team here at Peaches Pleasures is here to give you a lesson in sexual education: start with setting the right mood!


Setting the Mood: 


When you’re settling in for a solo session, setting the mood is key to achieving the perfect orgasm. Likewise, the same is true when you’re getting ready to enjoy an evening with your partner! Different women get turned on by different things so you’ll want to have a discussion with your partner to determine what they like (and what they don’t). Doing so will allow you to make sure your next time together is a perfect one. If your lover is easily turned on by fantasy, reading some of the best lesbian erotica could help get you two into the mood. If she’s more of a visual person, consider watching lesbian toy porn together! It may take a bit before you find a video that you both like, but once you find the right video, you’ll both be “in the mood” in no time. Plus, watching porn provides the perfect opportunity for mutual masturbation (as well as inspiration for the future)!


Dress for Success:


If you want to get your partner aroused, dressing the part can certainly do the trick. From themed attire like schoolgirl outfits to more revealing clothes such as lesbian bodystocking, you can easily get your partner to turn their head simply by the way you dress! We recommend choosing your outfit based on how you expect the night to go. Themed costumes are ideal for fulfilling your partner’s sexual fantasy scenes, and latex catsuits are a staple for BDSM roleplay! On the other hand, if you’re hoping for rough, passionate sex, then something that can be easily removed like a lesbian bodystocking would be better suited for the occasion. 


External Sensations: 


Now that you’ve set the mood & picked out the perfect outfit, it’s time to get to the fun part: stimulation! Most ladies begin with external stimulation, which is why there are so many different vibrators for women. The most basic (and popular) option is wand vibrators, which are used for clitoral stimulation, but these lesbian sex toys are also useful as back/shoulder massagers and nipple teasers. Available both as wired & wireless units, wand vibrators are very effective, providing intense, high RPM vibrations, but can be quite large. Clitoral vibrators are smaller units designed specifically to stimulate the clitoris. As such, these little lesbian toys are usually very portable! Clitoral suckers provide a suitable alternative if you prefer suction to vibration (some devices offer both features in one!). 


Internal Pleasures: 


Clitoral stimulation feels amazing, but what if you could enjoy penetration at the same time? You can with a rabbit vibrator! These curved masturbation devices pleasure your clitoris & your G-spot at the same time, making struggling to achieve orgasms (either for yourself or from your partner) a thing of the past. However, if you’re solely after penetration, dildos come in many different varieties, such as regular, double-ended dildos, strap-ons, and suction-equipped dildos, which can be easily mounted & rode in a location of your choice.


If you prefer backdoor action, there are plenty of butt plugs (which add to the overall experience) and anal beads available as well. Butt plugs remain inside the anus throughout your lovemaking session, whereas anal beads provide pleasure while being inserted and then removed. Both of these lesbian anal toys are worth trying if you haven’t already, so test them out to figure out which option you prefer. Who knows: you could find out you love both! 


Pick Your Pleasure(s):


Whether you choose to go with external options, penetrative toys, or anal alternatives, adding sex toys into the mix will do wonders for your sex life. Mutual masturbation becomes much more exciting, double-ended dildos allow for you both to share in the pleasure, and neither partner will end the night feeling unfulfilled. With all of the female sex toys easily available and only a few clicks away, you no longer need to stick solely with “finger stuff”. Surprise your partner (and improve your sex life) with a new toy from Peaches Pleasures today!

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