Importance of Sex & Pleasure


Sex Sells (& You Can Buy It Online!)

In a world where the negative social stigma surrounding adult pleasure is quickly evaporating, it’s not surprising that more & more adults are jumping online every day to take their sex lives to the next level. The internet is well-known for its various adult entertainment offerings, but what about physical purchases? Past generations may have had to go to the local sex shop (avoiding anyone they knew along the way), but today’s sexually active individuals can enjoy all the privacy, discretion, and convenience that the internet has to offer! Of course, like most things in life, the world of online sex shopping isn’t all sunshine & roses: here are a few problems plaguing the industry today.


Many Sites Aren’t Inclusive

The LGBTQ community has made a lot of progress against discrimination in the last few decades, but many online sex shops are still lacking when it comes to providing adequate resources for LGBTQ persons. That’s not to say they don’t sell the proper toys: most sites offer vibrators for women, prostate massagers for men, and non-gendered props like nipple grips. The problem itself lies within the site layout and marketing. A great example of this is the popular site Adam & Eve. They have a “For Her” and a “For Him” section, but what about transgender or non-binary persons? For them, finding the right tools for the job can’t be completed in just a few clicks; it requires a bit of searching. Fortunately, sites like Peaches Pleasures offer special sections that make it easy for trans people to find toys online, but this should really be standard practice in this day & age!


Pricing Can Present a Problem

Even when it comes to sex toys, most people don’t want to spend more money than they have to. Unfortunately, mainstream website pricing tends to be on the upper side. Thankfully, many smaller sites offer more affordable pricing on their products, but some consumers still turn to general online marketplaces like Amazon to purchase their new nipples grips. This is risky as the fake or imitation products sold here can be made from low-quality materials, which can be (at best) irritating or (at worst) mildly poisonous!


Limited Selections Mean Limited Potential

Online adult stores usually cater to a general audience, which means they offer a wide array of toys to meet the needs of their customers. The Peaches Pleasures website is a great example of this, where products are broken down into six main sections for easy, safe product selection! Offering everything from body gels and lube to romantic candles & sexy gift bags, Peaches Pleasures has all the items you’ll need to set the mood. Have a specific fantasy or roleplay in mind? They offer over 1,500 individual pieces of sexy lingerie, as well as over fifty themed outfits (such as maid & school girl sets) for your next erotic encounter. You can even find a high-quality wig to complete the scene, and they offer a wide variety of BDSM toys too. More “vanilla” users can take a look at their ball gag & blindfold selections, whereas “lifestyle” users have nipple grips, full restraint kits, and many other products to choose from. Persons suffering from erectile issues have plenty of ED-solving options to choose from on Peaches Pleasures, with cock rings, penis pumps, prostate massagers, and sexual enhancers being readily available for purchase at the click of a button! Whether you’re partaking in solo play or enjoying the company of a partner, their wide selection of toys is perfect for any situation. With top-of-the-line vibrators for shiver-inducing excitement, prostate massagers for achieving the perfect male orgasm, and full-on sex machines for more advanced power users, the selection at Peaches Pleasures is more than enough to satisfy all of your adult pleasure needs.


Peaches Pleasures Checks All the Boxes!

In addition to offering a wide variety of adult pleasure devices & adult entertainment options, customer service is another priority at Peaches Pleasure. You’ll enjoy: Discreet packaging using plain envelopes, brown boxes, and shipping labels that only show a warehouse address. Affordable shipping and free shipping on orders over $75 Simple returns & exchanges on most unopened products. Opt-in emails with all the latest updates, new arrivals, and “insider discounts”! A dedicated “trans” section with over 1,100 products!


“Like Hiking the Rocky Mountains, You'll Need the Right Equipment to Reach the Peak!!!”

Whether you’re an LGBTQ person looking for an adult pleasure website that can meet ALL of your needs, a BDSM enthusiast looking for new props, a man seeking to up your solo-play game, or simply searching for vibrators for women, Peaches Pleasures is the site you’ll want to visit. This Denver, Colorado-based company might have just started, but they’ve already made a positive impact on the world of online sex shopping. Head over there now & grab some of those “insider discounts” for yourself on high-quality sex toys today!

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